55 Small Apartment Christmas Decor Ideas

22 Small Apartment Christmas Decor Ideas

Decorating an apartment for the holidays differs from trimming a home you own and have free reign over. In a rental, you can’t haphazardly nail stuff to the wall. You’re probably dealing with a smaller space or odd physical obstacles (like no mantel, or too many mantels!). And your landlord might even have restrictions on real trees or lighting candles. All these hurdles just means that the earned end result is far more satisfying. Personally, I think apartment Christmas decorations are the coziest of all, because you can really play into the quirkiness of a smaller space and the coziness of the season. So grab a hot drink, take notes, and get ready to transform your rental into a holiday wonderland.

If you’re renting, you need to think about budget. You probably don’t want to invest in expensive decor that may or may not vibe with the next property you move to. Fortunately, living in a small space means your hard-earned dollars can go towards smaller (and thus more affordable) apartment Christmas decorations. Here are a few ideas for affordable and simple Christmas decorations that you can feel good about.

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