40+ Awesome Rustic Furniture and Decorating Ideas

26 Awesome Rustic Furniture and Decorating Ideas

Do you need inspiration to make some Rustic Furniture and Decorating Ideas in Your Home?


Rustic furniture and decorating are a way of working within traditions of an entire era, style, and country of origin. Being such a vital part of local architecture and culture, rustic furniture and decorating ideas are one of the best ways to bring rustic home into the modern age. By choosing to turn everything they own over to the amazing world of salvaged, used, and new pieces of furniture, as well as other items that display rustic home characteristics, this unique approach to decoration is a fun and unique way to bring the rustic in. Being motivated by interest in all things used and recycled, a true rustic home decorator will appreciate the idea of utilizing the “wonder” in furniture and decorating. Items salvaged from sheds, yards, barns, buildings, or anywhere else they find the rustic charm in modern era modern architecture can add a little flair to an otherwise ordinary home.

With rustic home decorating ideas, the idea of using salvaged furniture to a place within a room can be wonderful. Using salvaged furniture pieces to display a true rustic home design idea can be a favorite pastime for an enthusiast. Fitting salvaged pieces into what appears to be a modern home can be a wonderful way to liven up a bland and boring living space. Whether they are old “E” styles, old wrought iron cornices, rusted beams and rusting pipes, or simple, old fashioned beaded pendants that will be within the hands of an expert amateur, these pieces of rustic home decor are usually only a little over the limit in pricing, but can bring the rustic into the modern home. A fact about salvaged or salvage furniture that does not come from the realm of interest to the creative craftsman is that the salvaged furniture will always be slightly more expensive than salvaged furniture from a garage sale. As time goes on, less “waste” goes to salvage yards, and this will continue to cost more.

It is, of course, not the traditional furniture pieces of rustic home that will be the most expensive. The pieces that seem to belong to times gone by and bring into the modern home are normally more readily available at first, but in the long run, that type of rustic design will be the most costly. Once the more classic pieces of the furniture are salvaged and utilized in the home, the overall cost to renovate an entire home will almost certainly be less expensive than if the “dirt” seems to be the more expensive type of home design. The hand painted items of the vintage era tend to be a favorite of many of the clients of most salvage yards. Because of the value of the vintage pieces, it is not uncommon for the vintage items to exceed the priciest of the modern pieces. In fact, you may actually pay more for a particular vintage piece of furniture than it is worth. In any event, looking through a wonderful array of salvaged pieces can be a great way to bring the rustic home in.

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