60 Best DIY Christmas Ornaments Ideas

60 Best DIY Christmas Ornaments Ideas

When you think of homemade Christmas ornaments, there’s a good chance that you instantly picture the macaroni ornaments your kid made you in elementary school. While they may be full of heart and holiday cheer, these creations aren’t exactly the most beautiful, picture-worthy ornaments on your Christmas tree. This list of DIY Christmas ornaments, on the other hand, is loaded with ideas that are sentimental and customizable, which means you’ll proudly hang these finds on your tree year after year. While these craft ideas range in skill level and price point, most of them are affordable and made with things you have around the house, including kitchen twine, yarn, and rogue pine needles.

To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite easy to make Christmas ornaments that will look just as good if not better than the ones you picked up at your favorite department store. With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find something that suits your taste and, most importantly, your tree. From rustic options, like tiny trees made of twine, to modern, metallic clay ornaments, there’s something in here for everyone. So if you’re tired of dusting off your old Christmas tree decor, we suggest you take a peek at some of these homemade versions you can make right now!

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