35 Easy DIY Spring Porch Decor Ideas

17 Easy DIY Spring Porch Decor Ideas

Using easy DIY ways to repair your porch for the summer can give you years of enjoyment and satisfaction. The job can be much more enjoyable than laying out all of the expense when your porch is in such disrepair. First you need to know the project steps to go through to get a job done right. You will want to do this type of task year round, in order to save money in the long run.

One idea for getting your porch up to date is to look online for plans for your porch. There are many to choose from and they have been researched to ensure that they work. Some of the designs for your porch will include paint, new siding, and vinyl siding. This should help to keep your porch looking new for the next few years. You will need to get your safety inspection from the city and get all the permits required for your porch. A contractor can take care of these steps for you.

After the finishing coat of paint is applied, you will need to lay down the boards that will surround the corners of your porch. Make sure that you mark the areas to be painted in yellow, so you can start painting them later. Next you will need to remove the drywall and nails and pour cement into your holes. After this you can then lay down the vinyl siding and tuck it under your aluminum siding.

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